Being too close to the daily operations can sometimes blind you to the obvious, perhaps we can help.

Due to the experience we have in the hospitality sector we can offer an independent, professional and reliable report, direct to your CEO or designated director. This report will include the different departments that constitute your entire operation, such as  :

  • 1.- What image your hotel portrays to arriving guests
  • 2.- The reception area and the way arrivals and departures are handled
  • 3.- The impact your public areas and rooms make
  • 4.- The standard of cleaniness
  • 5.- The quality and presentation of food, drinks and service
  • 6.- The attitude and professionalism of the staff
  • 7.- Where is your property letting you down
  • 8.- How could you improve your guest occupancy
  • 9.- Making little used areas contribute to the bottom line
  • 10.- What does your web site say about you
We charge a flat fee depending on the size of the property.
To obtain a no obligation  quotation for your hotel, please contact us.


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