We are very pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a number of new facilities to the hotel industry, which we are sure will improve the type of service that you want to offer your guests, whilst at the same time giving your hotel a personal and private health check.

As the leading hotel specialists we are in a position to advise on the following:

The value of your hotel

Having valued hotels for a number of years we are in a position to discuss with you what your hotel could be worth, we listen to your information on refurbishments, investments, and accommodation levels along with other important criteria

The current market conditions for both buying and selling

As countries and areas progress and develop, whilst at the same time others are not as popular as they were ,we can give you some markers as to what to expect.

Getting your hotel into marketable shape

Its important to sometimes to stand back and have a long hard look at what others perceive when they consider buying your property, there are lots of ways to make sure that your hotel is ready to take to the market

Confidentially acting on your behalf in seeking out the next hotel purchase

Once you have briefed us to exactly what you seek we will examine the hotel market place and draw up a list of potentially interesting properties, we will act for you through our international legal and tax partners  in acquiring the property that you have targeted, until much later in the acquisition process is it necessary for the vendor to know who the purchaser is.

Seeking out franchise opportunities

As you are probably aware a number of large hotel chains offer franchise deals, however these arrangements have different levels of fees and costs attached to them, we will advise which franchise we consider best suits your hotel and explain exactly how the franchise system works, there could be significant tax savings depending on how the franchise is set up

Making the most of your guest data

We work with some of the leading companies who can ensure that you get the best advice as to how to harvest data and to turn that data into revenue

Are your heads of departments really doing their job properly

As ex hoteliers we are aware that your hotel is only as good as the weakest link, we can offer on the job training whilst at the same time see if we can improve departmental functionality .

Improving the image your hotel gives to your guests

Sometimes it can be the smallest improvement or by just offering a simple service or facility, we are happy to help in this area

What do your guests really think about your hotel

Are you really being told the truth about how your guests see your hotel, there are many different ways of finding out, are you exploring them all?

How to improve  getting repeat bookings

We all know that a returning guest is probably a satisfied guest, but are you doing enough to ensure that they will continue to return

What do you do about empty rooms at 6 pm

An empty room is lost revenue, so are there different ways of ensuring that some revenue is gathered ?

Do you really know who your competitors are

They may not be the other hotels in your area, competition comes in many different guises, make sure you know what you are competing against.

How to improve alternative revenue streams

Have you made sure that your hotel is obtaining the maximum revenue other than that generated from room revenue

Offering a better service overall

Service is what it’s all about, can you improve yours , we can advise.

How to improve in handling  complaints

No one like receiving them but it happens, do you deal with them properly, if not the bad publicity could undermine all the good work you do, let’s talk.

Are your staff letting your standards slip

It’s difficult at the best of times getting good staff, however one bad apple can change a guests perception of your hotel and ruin their stay, Let’s talk

To assist your F and B division in achieving better returns

As experienced hoteliers we can bring some good ideas to the table, which you might not have thought of

Is your web site doing you justice

We work with some of the finest independent web designers who would be happy to suggest different ways of making your web site more interesting, Let’s talk

Are you making the most of social media

Today social media is important, we are proud to be associated with some outstanding talent in that sector and would be happy to introduce you to some possibly interesting and different ideas

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