The Company

Turnstone Partners, International Hotel Sales and Investments represents not only private investors and investment funds, but also project and commercial property owners from around the world.

Our highly experienced and professional team can provide solutions for all considered investment opportunities, working exclusively with reputable companies specializing in international taxation and law, architecture, international investment funding, Design, Commercial development, marketing and project management in various fields and sectors.

Our comprehensive portfolio covers all aspects of the investment spectrum with Turnstone Partners today accessing well over 48 billion in various currencies and having investment partners globally holding above 60 billion in sales mandates and purchasing mandates these representing a varied portfolio of projects worldwide.

With this solid foundation we pride ourselves in being able to deliver any desired offer or request in real time with success.

We look forward to making your business successful and growing with you.


Improve the type of service that you want to offer your guests, whilst at the same time giving your hotel a personal and private health check

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